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Aadi Amavasai & Mahalayapaksha Amavasai - Worship of Ancestors

Prasad for Ancestors!

Worshipping ancestors is a Common Ritual followed in many parts of the World, particularly in Asia.

Aadi Amavasai is the 'New Moon Day' which falls on the month of Aadi/July/August .Generally we are supposed to worship our forefathers on each and every Amavasai/New Moon Day. But, particularly it's very important to worship them during Aadi Amavasai/New Moon Day which falls on the month of August and also during 'Mahalaya paksha Amavasai' which falls on the month of October.

Mahalaya paksham begins on 24-09-2018 and ends on 08-10-2018, which happens to be 'Amavasai'.  We can offer our prayers to the ancestors during this whole fortnight. However, Mahalayapaksham culminates on the day of 'Amavasai' or 'New moon day', which makes it more special.  Those who have missed the opportunity to offer 'Thithi' during the death anniversary of the ancestors, can do so during 'Mahalaya paksham'.

Our forefathers/ancestors are believed to descend from their abode of 'Pitru Loka'/Ancestral World, to the earth during these times of the year. The dead ancestors can help solve our day to day problems related to money, relationship and health. They also help us in our spiritual advancement. Effective way to communicate with them is do 'Tharpanam' or 'Shraartham'. Also we can worship them and offer food to them. Donating food &/clothes, to the poor is also very beneficial.

In our 'Nagarathar' tradition it's very common to worship our ancestors, in the form of offering food and worshipping them. In our community, people gather their extended families and do 'Padaippu' or offer food to their ancestors. At times, we do individually at homes and also worship our ancestors often, by offering Milk with Palm Sugar, fruits and dried fruits - which we call 'Paal Pazham Vachu Kumbiduthal'.

Sons, those who do not have fathers offer 'Tharpanam/Shraartham', mostly at homes/ temples, if possible one can do at the River banks/Seashores. 

Here, in Singapore, Tharpanam/Shraartham Pooja can be done in many temples like, Sri. Thandayudhpani Temple, Tank Road., Geylang Shr Shivan Temple., Sri Shiva Durga Temple, Potong Pasir, to name a few.

Some people do 'Tharpanam' during each and every Amavasai, it'll be wonderful if one can do every month. Otherwise it's better to do during 'Aadi Amavasai' and 'Mahalayapaksha Amavasai'. It'll give tremendous benefits in our daily lives. In other words we are helping our ancestors to advance spiritually; in turn they bless us and solve our 'Mundane problems'.

These are believed and practiced in our Culture for a very long time, if it’s believed to solve our problems, why don't we give it a try? At least it will give 'mental satisfaction' and 'Peace do Mind' which I can guarantee, through my personal experience.

It’s okay to do in our own small ways too, if we are able to do ‘Tharpanam’ in temple or home its fine. Otherwise we can offer food to our ancestors on that day and pray, we can offer afternoon meals, (for us) usually, Sarkarai Sadham/Sweet Pongal or Payasam, Rice/Sadham, Paruppu masiayl/Lentils, gravies with Vegetables like Plantain/unripe banana/Vazhakkai, Brinjal/Kathirikkai, Snake gourd/Pudalangaai, etc.  If possible, we can donate food to the poor.

Javvarisi Payasam/Sago Kheer!
Fruits of your Choice!

Paruppu Masiyal/Moong Dhal!

Chow Chow Koottu/Choyate lentil Curry!

Kathirikkai Kuzhambu/Brinjal Gravy!  

At least, we can try to offer fruits and milk with Jaggery/palm sugar.  Anything would be beneficial; it is the mind-set, which is of utmost importance.

Aadi Amavasai/New Moon day falls on 11thAugust, 2018!

Mahalaya Paksha Amavasai day falls on 8th October, 2018! 

Hope we pray and get the blessings of our Ancestors on these ‘Auspicious Days’.

Fruits and milk Prasad!

Sarkarai Pongal/Sweet Pongal with Jaggery!

Sarkarai Pongal/Sweet Pongal with Jaggery!

Karuppu Ulundhu Vadai/Vadai with Black gram/Urad dhal!


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