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Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Mantra Raja Pada Stotram:

Sri Mantra Raja Pada Stotram, as Kumudham Jodhitam's A.M.Rajagopalan(A.M.R) puts it, is the King of all Mantras.

Chanting this mantra on a daily basis, works wonders. This is my personal experience. I'm sure everyone can benefit from this, if we do it with whole-hearted belief.

If you have any particular concern/problem or any specific need to be fulfilled, you can chant the Stotram 12 times in a row.  This will have tremendous effect.

Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar!

Lyrics and Meaning of Mantra Raja Pada Stotram:

Shree Eeshvara Uvaacha

Vritthotphulla visaalaaksham vipak shakshayadeekshitam
Ninaadatrasta vishvaandam Vishnum UGRAM namaamyaham 1

He who is having big and round eyes, He who has taken a vow to kill the enemies, He who by His fierce roars is shaking the entire world, to such a ferocious Lord, I offer my salutations. (1)

Sarvaira vadhyataam praaptam sabalaugham ditessutham

Nakhaagraih sakaleechakre yastam VEERAM namaamyaham 2

He who with His sharp nails tore to pieces the asura, the son of Diti who could not be killed by anyone along with His large armies. To such a valorous person, I offer my salutations. (2)

Paadaavashtabddha paataalam moordhaavishta trivishtapam
Bhuja-pravishtaashta-disam MAHAAVISHNUM namaamyaham 3 

I offer my salutations to Maha Vishnu, whose feet touch the nether lands, whose forehead touches the heaven and whose hands spread in all directions. (3)

Jyoteem shyakrendu nakshatra- jvalanaadeenyanukramaat
Jvalanti tejasaa yasya tvam JVALANTAM namaamyaham 4 

He after whose luster the luminary bodies, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Fire are effulgent and are shining, to that resplendent One I offer my salutations. (4)

Sarvendriyairapi vinaa sarvam sarvatra sarvadaa
yojaanaati namaamyaadyam tamaham SARVATOMUKHAM 5 

He who knows everything, all the time, and at all places, without the help of the senses, to such primal person who has faces in all directions, I offer my salutations.(5)

Naravath Simha vachaiva yasya roopam mahathmanaha:
Mahashatam MahaDhamshtram Tham NRUSIMHAM Namamyaham 6

To that Form of the Lord, which is half man and half lion, complete with the mane, the canine teeth, to such a divine Lord Nrsimha, I offer my salutations. (6)

Yannaama-smaranad bheetaa bhootha bhetaala raakshasaah
Rogaadyaascha pranaschhanti BHEESHANAM tam namaamyaham 7

By the mere thought of whose name, devils, demons, asuras get frightened, acute diseases get cured, to such a frightening One, I offer my salutations. (7)

Sarvopi yam samaasritya sakalam bhadramasnute
Sriyaa cha bhadrayaa jushto yastam BHADRAM namaamyaham 8

I offer my salutations to the Lord, the repository of good things, worshipping whom all the people are able to obtain auspicious things. (8)

Saakshaat svakaale sampraaptam Mrityum satrugananvitham,
Bhaktaanaam naasayed yastu MRITYU MRITYUM NAMAAMYAHAM 9

He who is "Death to Death" and He who destroys death and hosts of enemies of the devotees by arriving at the right moment, to Him I offer my salutations. (9)

Namaskaaraatmakam yasmai vidhaaya atma nivedanam
Tyaktaduhkho’khilaan kaamaan asnute tam namaamyaham 10

I bow down to the One by offering obeisance to whom in the form of One’s own self, people get rid of all miseries and obtain their desired objects. (10)

Daasabhootassvatah sarve hyaatmaanah paramaatmanah
Atoham api te daasah iti matvaa namaamyaham 11

All the living beings are, by nature, servants of the Supreme Being, I am prostrating to You, with the awareness that I am also for the same reason, Your servant. (11)

Sankarenaadaraat proktam padaanaam tatva Nirnayam
Trisandhyam yah pathet tasya shree vidya ayyshya vardhate 12

The meaning of the words had been explained by Lord Siva out of affection.

Whosoever reads this hymn with faith, thrice a day (at Sunrise, mid-day and evening) would have a great increase in prosperity (shree) knowledge (vidya) longevity (Ayush) (12)

Ithi ShreeMandraRajaPatha Stotram Sampoornam.

Here's a Video link, for the proper pronunciation. Enjoy His Bliss.
Another Excellent Soothing Stotra: 
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram:
The link to the Excellent Rendition by Swami Bramhananda of Chinmaya Mission:
Courtesy: www.hindutara.com
Enjoy His Eternal Bliss!



  1. namaste priya ji

    First do we have to recite the whole stotram 12 times and then recite all the 12 verses individually 12 times or only the whole stotram 12 times?

    You had said one of ur friends got a job after recitation, how did she recite it and how quickly were the results?

    Can i also recite runa vimochana stotram for getting job?

    Thanking you

  2. Hi Vidisha,

    You can recite the whole stotram 12 times in a row, not the individual verses. As I always say do it whole-heartedly, with '100%'belief and with full of love. Don't worry about anything else. 'He' will take care of the rest.

    Yes, my friend recited for few weeks, more than a month. All she said was that she listened to it several times, before she could get hold of proper pronunciation. Then she started reciting.

    I sincerely wish that you get a very good Job and Happy times ahead! God bless You!

  3. Thank you so much Achi's World.

  4. Hi Namaste

    One thing i wanted to ask u is yesterday when i was thinking of job change and also thinking of mantrarajapada stotram someone sneezed once outside, then again at home when i was again thinking of the same things my brother sneezed once. Whenever i thought of doing something or getting something or of a plan programme i got signals of accomplishments or failure by one or two sneezes and it has always come true for me. But i don't want failure in job change because i have transfer problem and my post can be reverted back to a place i don't want to go because i have family in delhi and i can't live alone as it is unsafe. Astrologers said that there is no job change in near future but because of very critical trouble i immediately need a new job at my home state but the twice occurance of one sneeze has signalled me of failur. As for mantraraja i don't know whether it can change destiny or not but i read that runa vimochana stotra can can fate even if it's not stated in our chart or fate but it is specially for removing debts but my problem is not this but still i want chant both mantraraja and runavimochana, but shouldn't i just chant one of them? is runavimochana right for getting new job? i opted this because i want to change my fate and situation, if i chant both how many times should i chant both, runa vimochan i want to chant 11 times along with 3 times of mantraraja but actually i don't know whether mantraraja can change fate. what should i do and how should i do? Plz tell me whether runavimochan is suitable for getting new job, i otherwise know it can also remove troubles. Iam very tensed and so are my parents, i just want to know which of them would be specifically suitable to change and give what is not in destiny as in case of runa vimochana.

    Thanking you

  5. Dear Vidisha,

    I'm glad that youngsters like you, are very spiritual.

    I can understand your confused state of mind, honestly I don't know about the effects of 'Runa Vimochana Stotram'. I have read about 'Mantra Raja Pada Stotram' and 'Sundara Kandam' by famous journalist 'A.M.Rajagopalan', who use to write in a spiritual magazine called 'Kumudham Jodhitam' in Tamil. I tried both and they are wonderful. I don't believe in superstitions, like the one you have mentioned about 'sneezing', though in our culture we have so many like this. Gradually we can come out of these, have absolute faith in God, 'He' can change our Destiny, 'He' will give what you need, which we may not understand, but will definitely realise in course of time.

    Don't worry too much, have positive attitude towards Life, everything will be alright. If you think positive, you will get positive results. You can try 'Sundara kandam', I've explained in detail. Check it out!

    As far as I'm concerned, 'Astrology' is to instill positive attitude towards life, if the Astrologer says something positive I'll be happy, if not I won't consider it seriously, but will continue to pray more than ever. In that way I won't let anything affect my mind, as simple as that.

    Visualize that you are getting a new job and are very comfortable with it, your parents are very happy about it, you are giving a grand 'treat' to your parents and friends, everything positive, will definitely work for you. Hope it helps!

    All the Best!

  6. Hi Maam

    Thanks for your very nice explanation.

    Thanking you

  7. Hi Vidisha,

    I am sampath alias sam ,I read everything which you have wrote.What ever mam Said is right.Let me tell my short story.
    I lost my IT job in pune and more than 3 months i didnt get job , some one told me to pray lord narasimha with ghee lamp at every evening between 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm and recite "Raja Patha Stotram" , i believed it and did it regularly and finally i got Job now i am out of India earning lot compared to previous Company package.
    After reading your post i felt very bad and your mind is not in peace.First of all you make your mind peace and reprogram your mind to positive way that you going to get good job with good package believe that you already got the job.Pray Lord Narasimha same way , think that he is always with you and believe him he is your good great friend of our life and after your life.
    Personally i suggest you to listen Binaural Beats that too Plute music.For more Info reply me back

    1. What music is tat . Will u please explain or send link of that binaural plute?

  8. Hi,

    Please tell me when shall we will chant the Mantra Raja Pada stotram 12 times in morning or evening.It is for any purpose or only for job.


  9. As far as I know, you can pray at your own convenient time, morning or evening. For me devotion and love is more important than any other thing, I just follow my heart.

    Have absolute faith in Him. It's not just for the job, it can be anything.

    Wish you All the Best in your Life!

    1. Hi.

      Thanx a lot.I will surely do this and will let you know once my prayer get answered.Apart from that can you please tell me where can I get Sundara Kandam in hindi.

    2. Hope to hear from you soon.
      Btw, for Hindi version the following link might be useful,

    3. Hi,

      Are you a member of this Indus Ladies network.I am a member and regular reader of this site.Did checked the url but not sure whether it is the short version of SunderKandam or the entire SunderKandam pata.

    4. I've no idea about the Hindi version, I just checked online & found the one I mentioned. It appears to be the short version, but it's ever so popular in almost all our Indian vernacular languages. I think it's easy get a Hindi version from book shops.
      When I started, I started with a smaller Tamil version, later I got the translation of Valmiki Ramayanam - Sundara Kandam. It's fine to start with smaller version, rather to wait. The benefits will be the same.

    5. Hi Anonymous,
      I just read your query & thought of telling you that an original version of SUNDER KAND can be downloaded from Gita Press website.I always trust their publications.

  10. I would like to narrate my personal experience.

    It was a public Holiday due to Diwali, I adorned my little boy's finger with a beautiful ring, it was little bit tight though, when I tried to remove it at once it wouldn't come, so I thought may be I'll use some soap and remove it later. Few hours later my son's finger was red & swollen. I panicked & tried to remove it with soap, to my shock I couldn't remove it, I asked my husband to try, we used lotion, oil, everything we could think of. It wouldn't budge. My son started crying in pain. We thought we had no other option but to go to the jewelry shop to cut it. But, on the day of Diwali, where would we go, I just went to the prayer room and started reciting 'Mantra Raja Pada Stotram', in the mean time my friend kept on trying to remove patiently with the lotion. 7th time in a row, I didn't even finish 12 times, I heard the good news. With tears flowing down I finished reciting the stotram.

  11. Dear Mam,

    Please share your experiences of Lord Narasimha & Mantra Raja Pada stotram in your blog. I want to recite this stotram but everyday I postpone doing so because of the problems at home. My mil has come to stay with us and for the past 7 months she has been filling my husbands' ears and taking utmost advantage of me by making me do all the housework without even lifting a spoon. My husband also makes his mother sit and doesnt' even allow her to lift her own plate & spoon even if I am dying with fever & headache both mother & son don't help one bit even in my sickness they make me do everything. And there is strain between us because of her filling his ears he behaves very badly with me and my husband's siblings are all part in their cunning ways to trouble me.


    1. Dear Ratna,
      I can assure you one thing that you have taken the right direction, as you have decided to take refuge on God, in times of need. Insurmountable problems will intensify the Bhakti towards Lord. It's His way of drawing us towards Him:).

      I can understand your situation, patience is the key, which may sound difficult to follow, but will reap you benefits for sure. As far as possible, get protection from the Almighty by creating a positive vibration around you. This is very simple to follow, just try to listen to prayers such as 'Mantra Raja Pada Stotram', 'Lalitha Sahasranamam', 'Kandar sashti Kavasam', Kandha Guru Kavasam', 'Shiva puranam', 'Vishnu Sahasranamam', 'Hanuman Chalisa', to name a few, on a daily basis. There are numerous other slokas and mantras. These slokas and mantras can create a positive vibration around you. You can listen to spiritual discourses as well, all these will purify your mind, by providing 'Satsangh'. This will not only benefit you, it will surely benefit the people around you as well.

      As the popular saying goes, 'changing others is impossible, changing ourselves is the easiest thing which we can do', it's very true and it will bring about changes in others as well.

      First, listen to Mantra Raja Pada Stotram, several times, then try to recite. Start today and enjoy His Bliss! Wish you all the very best in your life!

  12. Dear Mam

    Thank you very very much for the reply. I felt comfort & confidence reading your reply. I will listen to the mantra on youtube and then will recite everyday. I am beginning to like this form of God very much. I do recite Hanuman Chalisa and know it by heart.

    Please do post more articles on your views & thoughts of Lord Narasimha & His devotion.

    Love you,

  13. I've always thought about sharing my idea and experience about 'Prayers'.
    When it comes to certain mantra or Sloka, do we think we have caught hold of a 'magic wand', which will do magic in a moment? Seriously, when I started reciting this Mantra, as well as Reciting Sundara Kandam, I've childishly thought my problems will vanish, one after the the other. But nevertheless, there had been times my specific prayers went unanswered. But we would never know the real reason behind it. I've also experienced in course of time, that my unfulfilled wishes were not so important or just the timing was not appropriate.

    But regardless of the results, God has showered His blessings, by giving faith and love to continue my prayers, which has wonderfully transformed my personality altogether. It's a slow but very steady progress. I'm relatively calmer than before, my anger has mitigated, I can discern good from bad than ever before, feel always guided by some intuitive force all the time, in other words I'm able to listen to my inner voice. Still in progress, day by day!

    The reason why I always feel that we do our prayers, making as simple as possible, without many conditions and rituals, is that it will motivate us to continue. If we start following rituals and other rigid conditions, we may tend to stop half-way, for me it is the Love and Faith towards God is very important than any other thing. We people come from different backgrounds following different habits, which becomes our life-style. It's not easy to change everything overnight. In due course, the prayer will take care of moulding our personality from worse to good. It will make us more humane! This is my humble opinion.

  14. Please help me i i would like to know why they light 16 lamps to lord narashimar.
    also meaning of number 16.


  16. Hi Suresh,
    For me, I would say do it whole-heartedly at your convenient time, with pure mind and body. It is the faith that brings about change in ourselves, as well as the external environment.
    All the best for your future endeavors, I'm sure you'll get His blessings!

  17. I'm really sorry to say that I'm highly disappointed with this Mantra raja Japa. As I have been doing since nov last year. I'm loosing my confidence and trust now I have been doing it for 32 times. How come a god can discriminate strange. Now I have decided to give up on next month.

  18. Hi Puji,
    Please have hope, it's our faith in Lord, that does the magic.
    It's wonderful to know that you are chanting 32 times. Do it with full faith and I'm sure he would fulfill your wishes. In the mean time be assured that some kind of transformation is definitely happening within you, you'll realize it course of time. Perhaps, he's preparing you for the change or whatever you wish for.
    Be positive and imagine your wishes have been fulfilled and you're thanking Him profusely. This will happen, be patient.
    Let Lord Narasimha shower His blessings on you!

  19. If one recites hanuman chalisa at night, he/she is able to get the divine protection of Lord Hanuman and all his/her obstacles are removed.

  20. Thanks for posting this info. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. I can't wait to read lots of your posts. Regards,
    hanuman chalisa.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Dear all..i said this slogam with devotion for my marriage. I got good husband. On last purnima i gave birth to still born boy baby in 36weeks. I lost my baby. I am devotee of lord narasimha. I believe in him. Kindly tell me if there is any specific slogam of lord narasimha for putra bhagyam.

    1. Hi, if needed you can choose to chant Santhana Gopala Stotram which will help you in putra baghyam (As both Sri Krishna and Sri Nrusimha are one and the same, I am advising this slokam of Sri Krishna). Every mantra/stotram has got a speciality but there is always a special place for mantra raja padham because it is called as King of all the mantras/slokams. There is no equivalent to it. There is nothing that you cannot achieve through chanting mantra raja padham. There is no god who could be as fast as Nrusimhan in granting wishes. There is proverb which says "Nalai Enbathu nrusimhanidam illai" i.e., everything you ask will be granted immediately if you pray to Nrusimhan but I would like to put a clause here.
      Are we praying with Love and fullest faith? Are we going to continue praying with the same devotion as we had after getting what we wanted? Now a days we could see lots of people thronging the temples all over the country/abroad as well. We did not see the crowd that we have today few decades back. What is happening with people? Media is the miscreant (not to blame everybody). What is media telling to people? Go and worship the god in this temple and you will get this. Of course in today's burgeoning issues all across a human life it is always not possible to not ask for anything from god but there is a limit to everything. We are looking for immediate remedies to all our issues. Keep in mind that we as a soul had carried a lot of karma on our shoulders for several births and there are things which we need to undergo either it be good or bad. God can help in getting out of all problems gradually and by undergoing the pain/sorrow that we had to undergo as a part of our karmic balance. But what he could give us is the strength while we undergo the pain and help us come out of that as quickly and smoothly as possible. Remember the roads are smooth and route is short to the destination when we surrender to him, if not we have to take the rough roads and a lengthy route. In both the cases the destination is same and we have to travel however how quickly and easily we travel matters the most. Please don’t think why I am bringing all this on your reply thread as the question was just to know the mantra for begetting a child. You shouldn’t be thinking that “despite chanting mantra raja padham, why such a sad thing happened to me”. Though you have mentioned you have faith on him, it should not fade away just because something went wrong. Without Nrusimha the situation would have been much intense and worse.

    2. Contd>>Anonymous>>>>> All right, coming back to the topic, you will be granted with any wish just by reciting mantra raja padham. Here are few things which I would like to ask everybody on this forum to do if you would like receiving the divine grace of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan.
      1) First and Foremost - Strictly NO “Non-Veg” – Nrusimhan will not stay even for a second with you if you have the habit of eating Non-Veg. If there is anybody who is going to argue that bhakthi alone is important, I will leave it to them. (Vegetarians in this forum, please excuse).
      2) You can choose to chant 1 time in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening as advised by the Bala Shruthi of this stotram (Mantra Raja Padham) to get his divine blessings.
      3) If you choose to chant 12 times in the morning and 12 times in the evening continuously for 108 days, a “kavacham” will be formed around you and this will help you from any danger/difficult situation either it be small or big. Keep in mind, that we need to chant this even after 108 days to keep the kavacham active but not to 24 times a day. You can choose to repeat as much as you like/wish.
      4) When you chant this mantra, you can lit ghee lamps – based on how much ever you can and affordable.
      5) Offer Panagam to Nrusimhan as he is an ugra moorthi. You must have heard about Panakala Narasimha Swamy in Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh.
      6) Pradosham is the best time suited for Nrusimhan as it is when he incarnated – “Pakalum, Iravum illathu Maalai Naerathil (Pradosha Kalam) Avatharithavan”. I am not only talking about Pradosham that falls on trayodashi – every 13th day of the waxing or waning phase, it is 4.30-6PM everyday which is a pradosham.
      7) Please make a trip to Ahobilam if you can – It was so called “Sendru Kanparku Ariya Kovil” – i.e., Going to Ahobilam is not something which is not easy to make, but with the efforts of Ahobila Madam it is now “Sendru Kanparku Eliya Kovil” – something which is very easy to make.
      8) One can attain the same benefit of staying in Kasi for 100 yugas or Gaya for 20 yugas by staying 1 night at Ahobilam. Such is the grace of Ahobila Nrusimhan. (We are in Kali yuga which in itself is 4,32,000 years, Treta Yuga – 12, 96,000 years, Dwapara Yuga – 8,64,000 years and Krita Yuga - 17,28,000 years).
      9) As much as he is a terror to his enemies (enemies of his devotees), he is so lovable and adorable to his devotees. Only this incarnation of Narayana which is so ugram to Hiranyakashipu is full of love for Prahaladan. Only his true devotee can understand him than anybody else. When not even a single devata is ready to pacify after Nrusimha killing Hiranyakashipu, Prahlada was able to pacify him with his bhakthi. He did not fear the ultimate horror look of Nrusimha as he knows Nrusimha is the one and only his Lord Narayana who has taken this form to kill Hiranyakashipu. Nrusimha took Prahlada up and made him sit on his lap. He just asked “Kid, what do you want? What would like? I am ready to grant anything you want” Prahlada replied “I just need you my Lord. I have you in front of me, which cannot be equaled to the entire universe. How can I ask for something? I need salvation and I should be a devotee of you forever” Nrusimha replied “I would love to grant you moksham (Salvation) but just for my satisfaction, I would like you to rule this planet for several years and I will take you to my abode”. How so full of love and affection Nrusimha is on his bhakthaas. It is not even a blessing to be an Nrusimha bhaktha, it is something which is incomparable to anything in this world/universe or whatever you would like to fill-in here.

      I request everybody on this forum to inculcate the real bhakthi and just not for the sake of achieving something please don’t ever worship god after all, we are born to not to be born again. We are not born to dive deep into the samsara again and again without knowing the real purpose of this birth. Bhakthas please excuse.

      Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanam!!!

  23. Correction:- In the above point no 7) “Sendru Kanparku Ariya Kovil” – i.e., Going to Ahobilam is something which is not easy to make

  24. Correction:- I request everybody on this forum to inculcate the real bhakthi and just for the sake of achieving something please don’t ever worship god after all, we are born to not to be born again. We are not born to dive deep into the samsara again and again without knowing the real purpose of this birth. Bhakthas please excuse.

  25. Hello,

    Do anyone has audio on "Samashta Paap Prashman strotra"


  26. I am having hard time in sustaining the current job and also not getting any new jobs. I went through the entire blog and really feel motivated even before by start chanting the mantra. Credits goes to you for explaining it so beautifully and even make an youngster like me to be devotional.

    Provided below the link for someone new like me to hear and familiarize


  27. Devotion and complete surrendering to the lord is important when chanting of Mantras.You dont need to ask the lord anything. He Knows it all.

  28. I completely agree with what you say, but all people may not be mature enough to understand this. It's okay to take small steps to reach the divine., at least to lead a peaceful life in this Kali Yuga

    First step towards divine should be to (rather try to) forego our ego and be humble 🙏

  29. Madam mantra raja pada stotram can be chanted by pregnant woman or not

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello Vydehi,
      I love your name :)
      Btw, yes by all means, that's the wonderful gift you can give to your baby and yourself :)
      Number of times, the option is yours dear!
      He has chosen to pour his blessings on you both!
      God Bless you and your baby
      Take care.

  30. Pregnant woman if she can chant how many times a day...

  31. Namaskarams to all.. First its great to see how ppl help instill faith wen things backfire in life..Let me answrer som here. To vydehi_ sure u can chant it 3 a day.. before u hav ur food.. so the vibes u create thru ur devoted prayer will directly reach the lil one.Many here hav asked abt job struggles il advice u to read runa mochana stotram its too effective.. don mistake it is to cure oly debts but it will keep u secure throu all forms of bad karms .. runa is karma so all bad things v undergo due to our karma lik lack of peace, badly placed planets in natal charts debts ,lack of respect , Child birth marital problemsto name a few. chant it thrice daily. light ghee lamp on thrusday evenings n chant 12 times. Now som may question my credibility.. so il state it here.. first i got married immediatly aft finishng my studies due to conditions of my family we are 2 girls so i need to clear way. Then i came to chennai which was very new for me.. ryt frm climate water air n food.. wasnt a great cook since didnt hav time durin college n school days i had to take tuitions to support my family. So then i came here my hubby is very caring but wasnt a great listner.. so couldnt undstnd my struggle here depression due to separtion from family ... he just couldnt gt it. My Inlaws wer damn crooked ppl which i failed to undstnd initially n thr used to b lots of conflits with my husbnd. i blame it on my innocence..i used to wonder who ths person is..? Y is he fightin makin fuss i didnt hav an answer n to my shock i gt pregnant in jus 3 months post marriage n that too with twins.. u can imagine mmy state...it was horrible physically emotionally with no one to cry to. All alone always in ma room.. with my inlaws roamin out whole day... i jus wish that whole phase gts erased from life. As days passed i grew weak since i didnt hav food proply depressed all the time fights n long lastin silence from him.i hated myself i jus wished i lived as a sinster supportin my family..i finished the baby shower n with a sigh of relif left to banglore for delivery.. Then i narreted evythin that happened to my psrents n they wer helpless.. so then i decided i want to change my fate i wasnt born to bein walked upon by my inlaws n i m in no way obliged to put withthis crap.Then i did som research n came across runa mochana n devi kavacham . Stated readin daily thrice. n slowly i felt changes in me i grew stronger healthier n wise enough to undstnd d plot revolvin around me by my inlaws. My inlaws grew sick argued with mybhusbnd made him red by pressuring him for silly things.. n he didnt hav anyone to cry to jus the way i struggled .. He then undstd wt he put me thru unintentionally.. He brought us a new apartment so v mov in with kids n found them a diff place to stay.My kids wr born preterm at 7 th month but they cam out normal without any complication i came home in 3 days.Since then i hav been leadin a pleasent life My hubby gt his long time dues promotions n transfers too. All credits to Narsingh..!!

  32. Also im gonna start readin mantrarajapadam from nw on.. hopin to buy a land in bnglr.. Wish ths comes true..

  33. Nice information.And here something i like to share about Lakshmi Narasimha Homam. Lakshmi narashima homam is helping you keep away from enemies and blessing you with peace and happiness.This homam is also helps you to overcome from debts and financial difficulties.lakshmi narasimha puja ensures you with wealth in abundance. lakshmi narasimha swamy homam


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