Friday, 3 May 2013

Fighting Plaque in Kids and Adults

“Vicco Vajradanti Herbal Tooth Powder”



Now-a-days kids get to eat more sweets, junk food and drink carbonated drinks, which are harmful for the teeth.  We can control the intake, but it’s difficult to avoid them totally. So I see a lot of children and adults alike have problems with their teeth. Dental hygiene should start at a very early age, so that we can have our teeth life-long.

Dental care includes gum care, which we tend to ignore these days, that’s where the problem begins.  I’ve a tried and tested solution which is very simple, handy and available almost everywhere. “Vicco Vajradanti Herbal Tooth Powder” – is the solution, if you try just once, you would definitely know the difference, the freshness of breath, tightened gums, plaque free teeth, will give you a great feeling.  With prolonged use, you can experience much more benefits. It's availble at "Mustafa Centre' and almost all the Indian provision shops.

It's very helpful, even for usual gum problems (kids & adults) like irritated, burning gums, swollen gums, just press the powder and leave it for five minutes before you rinse and massage gently. In a day or two, you can get relieved.

It’s basically an Ayurvedic tooth powder, which is made of herbs, thus harmless and gives very good protection for your gums.  Ayurveda , "life knowledge"; or ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent and a form of alternative medicine.

Ever since my childhood memories could go far, my father would insist on using herbal tooth powder, which was and is still available in the petty-shops in all the residential areas. That tooth powder is made of cinnamon powder and salt. In our native ‘Tamil’ language, we call it as ‘Karuvapattai palpodi’.

My siblings and I were so much resistant towards it, because we fancied all the white, foamy, sweet tooth pastes available in the market (which were much advertised).

Eventually we switched off to the fancy tooth paste and got so many dental problems due to poor dental hygiene. I ended up with root-canal treatment for my tooth, which was very tedious.  I didn’t want this to happen to my kids, so I would narrate all these anecdotes to them and cajole them into using “Vicco Vajradhanti”. To my relief, Viccco has come out with a paste form, which my kids have no objection using it and eventually enjoying all the benefits of the herbal product.  But still I’m an ardent fan of ‘Vicco Vajradanti Powder’. Time to time, I get them to use the powder as well.


Vicco Vajradanti Tooth Paste!

My Younger daughter fell face down and got her front tooth pushed back, I received a call and I had to rush to the school.  In the mean-time I called my Dentist and he asked me to come within half-an hour’s time.  Luckily the school was nearby, so I rushed her to dentist within time.  He examined, did an X-ray and confirmed that there’s no fracture. He applied temporary clip, to hold the tooth in position.  He also said, “Nothing much we can do at this moment, keep it clean and don’t bite hard items”.  I was really scared, because that’s her fresh adult tooth, if it falls; she has to lose her permanent front tooth at a very tender age. Then I explained to her that we have to take care of her gums very well and started using ‘Vicco Vajradanti powder’ twice a day(along with prayers). To our surprise, later when we went for a review, the Dentist told the tooth is intact and removed the clip.(still it's slightly lopsided, though..)


To use ‘Vajradanti powder’, we have to take the powder and firmly apply over the teeth and wait for min 3 minutes, before we rinse. Then you can use your tooth brush to get rid of left over powder from your teeth and finally, massage your gums gently.


For Vajradanti Tooth paste, just brush as usual, but finally massage your teeth gently.
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  1. Thanks for this interesting article. I am interested to buy the tooth powder after reading your blog and other websites as well! Do you know if there are other brands and if they work as well? Thanks!

  2. Hi Charis,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I usually write about tested & tried remedies, as far as I know, I'm pleased with Vicco Vajradhanti powder as well as paste. Though its an Indian product, it's a popular one, thus available in most of the Indian shops worldwide.

    As I've mentioned, there's a Tooth powder made out of Cinnamon and one or two other herbs, I saw it in an Malaysian provision shop, I don't know about its availability elsewhere.


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