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Mulaikeerai poriyal/Spinach Stir fry


Mulaikeerai poriyal/Spinach Stir fry

Mulaikeerai poriyal/Spinach Stir fry with Idlis


I would call this as splendid spinach recipe which we can have with Idlis/Rice cakes for
Breakfast, with rice for lunch or even a snack during mid-morning.

Mulaikeerai (also called as Amaranth leaves)is tasty by itself, so we need not add too many
 ingredients to make it palatable. With very little ingredients we can make a nutritious and
tasty dish.

In Chettinad, it's a very common Breakfast item, taken along with Idlis/Rice cakes dabbed
with Ghee. My Father would insist on Keerai cooked for Breakfast, so we often eat with hot
Idlis dabbed with ghee, the tastiest combination ever. Even the kids who usually hate
Keerai/spinach would love this recipe.  I've seen my Mother-in-law giving this
as a mid-morning snack for my Father-in-law.  It can be givien to toddlers as well, bland yet
nutritious, thus making great baby food.
Ghee/Clarified butter has been used to treat Ulcers and Constipation, it is also considered
 good for 'brain development'.  So we should try to include moderate amount of ghee in
 the daily diet of growing Children Always melt the ghee/clarified butter before you serve!
Mulaikeerai/Amaranth leaves!



Ghee/clarified butter!

Mulaikeerai/Spinach - 2 bunches

Finely chopped Big Onion - 1

Dry red Chilli - 1 or 2

Salt - to taste


Oil - 2 tsp.

Kadugu/Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp.




Wash the Keerai/Spinach well and drain the excess water, washing thrice in a large

pot/basin helps, otherwise you can expect some soil residue after cooking.

In a kadai/pan, pour oil, add Kadugu/mustard seeds, when it splutters, stir in the chopped

 onion, sauté well until it becomes golden brown.  Add the chopped Mulaikeerai/spinach and

sauté for couple of minutes.  Add salt (use little amount of salt, because

Mulaikeerai/Spinach will become too salty if you add more) and cook over medium heat. Do

not cover the Kadai/pan, otherwise it will become watery.

It will cook very fast, around 5 minutes.  Before switching off, check if it's watery, if so sauté

in high heat for 2 more minutes to get rid of the water.  If you prefer it to be crunchy, switch

 off when it's 3/4th done.

Delicious Mulaikeerai Poriyal/Spinach stir fry is ready in a jiffy.  Serve hot.




Mulaikeerai poriyal/Spinach Stir fry with Idlis/Rice cakes!


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