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Chettinad Avial/Cabbage, Carrot, Potato Kurma

Chettinad Avial/Cabbage,Carrot,Potato Kurma for Idli/Dosa/Adai & Chapati

Chettinad Avial/Cabbage,Carrot,Potato Kurma wit Soft Idlis!

Vegetables flavoured with mild spices, makes Avial/Kurma healthy and suitable for each and everyone in the family, kids, elderly as well as adults..


Colorful Vegetables

Big Onion (sliced) – 1

Carrot (Cubed) - 1to 2

Big Potato (Cubed) – 1

Shredded Cabbage – ½ Cup

Slit Green Chilli – 1

Tomato (sliced) – 2 to 3

Coriander Powder – 2 tsp.

For Masala:

Roasted Gram/Pottukadalai – 1 tbsp.

Grated fresh Coconut – 2 tbsp.

Green Chilli – 5 to 6

Fennel seeds/Saunf/Sombu – 1 tsp.

Ingredients for Masala

Ground Masala

Ground Masala with Coriander Powder

Ground Masala wit Coriander Powder


Star Anise – 1

Curry Leaves – few

Oil – 2 tsp.


Avial/Kurma in the making..

In a large cooking pan or cooking pot, pour oil and add Star anise with Curry leaves.  Stir in the onion and sauté for few minutes until golden brown, followed by Potato and Carrot.  After few minutes add tomato and let it cook for few minutes. Now add the shredded Cabbage.

In the meantime, grind all the masala ingredients with water, into a smooth paste. Add the coriander powder and mix well.  When Vegetables are partially cooked, pour the masala with enough water and add required amount of salt.  Simmer until vegetables are cooked through.  Garnish with Coriander leaves and serve. It’s a wonderful combination for Idli/Dosa/Adai and Chappati.

Chettinad Avial/Cabbage,Carrot,Potato Kurma for Idli/Dosa/Adai & Chapati


  1. Nice I make adai dosa and searched for my chettinad favourite avial recipe.I got actual taste from your site.Thanks

  2. Hi,
    Glad to hear that it turned out well, it's my mother's recipe. Her secret is to add just a little amount of masala and make the recipe simple, yet delicious :)


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